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Technology Consulting Through Process Design & Implementation, Workflow Optimization, and Efficiency Automation


Leruths Technology Solutions is a technology consulting firm that specializes in process design & implementation, workflow optimization, and efficiency automation. Headquartered in the Twin Cities with a far reaching online presence, Leruths Technologies represents a variety of clients nationwide. We specialize in providing businesses with solutions to accelerate their development that streamline their processes and building unique systems which will address all of your business needs. Our purpose is simple: to advise clients how to identify their inefficiencies, provide customized technology solutions so that they can transform these areas of opportunity into success, and allow them to focus on their strengths so that they can cultivate change. We utilize industry experts and specialized algorithms to create these solutions.

Even though the advent and implementation of blockchain technology addressed numerous business needs, it did not provide a uniform solution for these needs. Most businesses have subscription services that account for a significant portion of their gross expenses. We take pride in our ability to analyze existing subscription services (technology stack) and determine if integrating a new option, replacing an existing option, or creating a new customized solution will be the best choice, all while taking into account the value provided. Organizational Efficiency & Synergy (OES) is not something everyone can achieve; whether it be because of a lack of foresight, a lack of capital, the inability to embrace change, or something else.

We want to help YOU achieve Organizational Efficiency & Synergy!


Unlike traditional consultation services where companies recommend a software that fits your current business model, we believe in designing and implementing solutions that fit dynamic and evolving needs. After thoroughly analyzing your business operations, we will recommend whether to add or modify software that will enhance your efficiency. We also offer Made-To-Order Solutions, which illustrates just how invested and dedicated we are that your Organizational Efficiency & Synergy is sustainable. Although these Made-To-Order Solutions can be labor intensive, we will work with you to curate a package that will fulfill the needs of your business by adding value that will far outweigh the investment.

Our Process

  • OPERATIONAL ANALYSIS: Our team starts by observing current processes and workflows to determine a baseline of performance for your business operations. Then we interview a select group of users for their feedback on business operations. Lastly we analyze our findings so that we can determine the best way to improve business operations.
  • PROPOSAL: Our team then presents our findings and summarizes our proposal to either add new software to the existing software stack, modify existing software in the existing software stack, or develop a customizable solution.
  • DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION: Our team then conducts further observations and interviews if the customizable solution is chosen. We believe that the initial design should be user driven with business operations in mind. We then assist with the implementation of the solution to make sure that it goes smoothly.
  • INTEGRATION & TRAINING: Our team can also train your employees on the best way to gain the maximum value out of the new solution so that you can achieve the greatest value from the solution in the shortest time possible.
  • MAINTENANCE: Our team can also provide periodic solution maintenance to verify that there are no new technology obstacles for your business and so that we can confirm that you are in the best position to achieve Organizational Efficiency & Synergy.

This process is what makes us unique and separates us from other technology consulting firms. Our team works to ensure the design, development, and implementation of our solutions are seamlessly integrated into your existing systems. We can work with your team so that they can learn how to best use the new solutions while accomplishing current business needs so that Organizational Efficiency & Synergy can be achieved.


Industry Experience

When you want to outsource the task of improving processes of your business operations, you want to know what you will get up-front. Rest assured that your work is in skilled and competent hands with Leruths Technologies. Our team has been carefully crafted to have individuals from different industries with expertise in software consulting. Each member of our team is not only competent and comprised of experts from their relative fields, but their accumulated experiences through their professional encounters balance their skills.

Made-To-Order Solutions

Leruths Technologies firmly believes that each business has different operational requirements and that a single solution will not work for all of them. Our process works to improve efficiency by adding new or modifying existing software stacks as the first options, but we believe in doing what is best for each business. Although every business could benefit from customized, Made-To-Order Solutions, it may not be the most fiscally responsible decision. We will work with businesses that we believe we can partner with to create mutually beneficial terms. Many of our previous clients have come to us because they do not want to just add another software that solves a static problem. In many cases, this just adds more variability by having to balance even more subsctriptions. It is time to let us help you manifest your destiny instead of depending on other companies to solve your problems.

Strategic Transformation

Leruths Technologies takes pride in playing a role in advising and guiding businesses through technology consulting. We focus on enhancing your business operations by providing you with customized, Made-To-Order Solutions. We give you much more than just a solution to a problem, we provide you with a business process which is optimized to enhance your Organizational Efficiency & Synergy in a sustainable fashion. Our recommended or custom built solutions aid in improving the efficiency of your business operations for long-term success. Our support and maintenance will make sure that your Organizational Efficiency & Synergy is consistent or improves over time.


Alexander Leruth

Founder & CEO

Al has been working with businesses as a consultant for almost a decade providing guidance and solutions to their needs. His focus has been in the area of the following business functions: accounting, finance, human resources, management, operations, and technology. He has been able to identify a variety of processes that require improvement and provide options to solve these needs. His ability to craft solutions so that they solve the current and future needs is unparalleled in this space.

Our hand-picked team is comprised of diverse industry experts that have a variety of experiences, which helps them solve the needs of businesses such as yours. Our team provides you with an alternative approach to conduct your operations without transforming the entire system. We build solutions with components from your own ecosystem, which allows you to adapt to it easily.

Operations & Project Management

Our Operational & Project Management team is the foundation of Leruths Technologies. Their focus is to diagnose your unique needs, craft a solution that will solve these needs, & create a plan that will support and reinforce the success of your business. They are able to translate a variety of goals and metrics into technical terms to either advise on a solution or for our Development & Design team to generate a Made-To-Order Solution.

Development & Design

Our Development & Design team is composed of a diversified group of developers and designers with years of experience in full stack software development, blockchain development, UI/UX design, and software architecture. They work closely with our Operations & Project Management team to solve your needs as well as our Quality Assurance team to make sure all aspects of the solution are integrated flawlessly.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team is comprised of experts in their field that have a passion for testing and auditing the solutions to uncover any opportunities for improvement. They conduct a thorough analysis before and collaborate with our Development & Design team to make the necessary changes before the initial version is presented to our clients. There is a defined revision process that they follow to guarantee that all of our clients are satisfied with their solutions.


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